Spiritual Narrations. The King

The king got up and said: ” My citizens are too relaxed, they sleep too much, they eat too much, they enjoy themselves too much and they have neglected me.” He, then shouted at the top of his lungs, and somebody instantly appeared and said: ” What does my lord the king want?”
The king answered: ” What do I want? I always want many things and I want them done immediately, before getting up, I want my bath ready and a succulent breakfast and I want you to do it right this minute.”
The man dressed in white, nodded and said: ” Yes, my king, right away.” He called two assistants, who came at once; they were dressed in white and prepared the bath and the food. But the bath was basic and the food was plain. Then that preponderant king protested saying: ” This cannot be tolerated, you are making fun of me and I will punish you, you are fired, you cannot stay in my kingdom.”
The three men dressed in white, said: ” No, my king, do not get angry with us, because we have orders of taking care of you, giving you the best; if the bath seems simple to you and the food even more, is only for your own good, so you can be fit and healthy. Please, do not judge us wrong, we will always give you the best.”
And the preponderant king answered: ” Rebellious, ungrateful, fool, citizens, I will call my general so he can punish your impertinent remarks.”
After this, the three men dressed in white left and a much older one, also dressed in white, came and said to the king: ” What happens my lord? Are you angry again? Did these bad citizens make you angry? Do not worry, my lord, I have a delicious drink that will make you feel good.”
He called the men who had just left and said: ” Bring me the precious jewel and give it to the king, so the king can drink it with this delicious juice, and feel better.”
This was done and the king drank the jewel with the delicious juice; he then decided to rest and told his citizens: ” I will rest for a while, but in the meantime, you can get my bath ready.”
And the citizens nodded. Then, when the king fell asleep, those men happily said: ” Today, our king got up in a bad mood, but his medicine will make him feel better.” While other said: ” Our king is a poor man.” And another said: ” Yes, poor man, because in truth, he is not a king, but only a simple man locked in a mental hospital.”


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