The Meditant

The man was immersed in a deep silence, wanting to learn the art of being reborn. He had studied art, science, mysteries and many worldly subjects and became powerful and capable. But he did not know the art of being reborn and as he was concentrating and searching, he faced the mystery of the inner silence, the sacred spirit of each man, of each being in the creation. And the silence and the mystery said : – You have to die in order to be reborn. And to die, you have to leave everything behind : Your wisdom, achievements and your own experiences.
The man was surprised by this and the mystery said in a sure, low voice : -All are the same, wanting to know but not been able of offering anything.
The man moved away, a long time passed and everything that he once had accomplished , started to fade : His fortune, power, even his wisdom started to dilute and he became confused but he would still remember the spiritual dialogue and he would wonder how could he be reborn, what could he carry with himself?
He realized that the had lost everything. Then, when the culminating moment of death arrived, the mystery, the inner voice approached the man again and said :
– I feel your anguish, desolation and your loss. You now realize and start to appreciate the importance of a wisdom that would not abandon, that would never leave you. But you chose a false security. I have seen that your repentance is genuine, then I will tell you that what is reached in the heart is never lost and it gives you the art to be reborn conscious in this world. The all ,who is the superior power, the mother of all things, is for everyone and is in everyone. Even though, the name would be forgotten, it will be the light, which may appear small but is capable of illuminating the infinite space. Open your heart and listen . The generosity of Love makes, transforms the human heart and lifts it as eternal light. When you accept that Love is humble and generous, you will realize then, the art of being reborn forever in eternity.-

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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