The Limitless Unit

Meditation is always a source for renewal, vitality and peace. Why is this possible? Well, it is possible because man, in truth, is not only a form, a thought or a thinker. He is much more. If we could see the universe as a whole and we could reach the understanding of its absolute unity, we would perfectly know that this is man: The universe is the man. So that the energy of life, the energy of peace, of health and all that in which the universe is lavish, is also in man an unquestionable reality. The understanding of all this wisdom arises when we are able to meditate, and this is to say, when we have broken with the barriers and the frontiers of an absurd and arrogant selfishness, because when we are able to live, in fact, nothing prevents us to flow in this limitless unit. For this reason: Meditation, man and the universe, are intrinsically one.


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