The Mysterious Prophecy and the Men of Good Will

Man has forgotten his destiny and his path to the spiritual life; he even stopped dreaming about the noble superior reality. He has gone into the world, forgetting the aroma of tranquility and peace; he abandoned silence, reflection and he blasphemed against the inner beauty and even he is all dressed as science, facing God, believing that he is king and knowledgeable in miseries.

He abandoned the nobility of memories and purity of heart; humiliating virtue and turning Truth into foolishness. While, he showed off his crazy passion. He built himself as God and he does not know that all his science is as clay.

Poor Inner Beauty, which is so rich and sublime and now is hardly seen in the heart, just with great difficulty. But the time will come when the mysterious prophecy will be fulfilled and the world of man will fall to pieces and all that was high will be low and the great will turn small. And our pride will crumble and the true beauty which is justice and peace will be reborn from death, as blessed bright footprints for a few men of Good Will.

At the end of times, all will pass but the Inner Beauty will never pass because eternal and magnificent as the light at noon will always give Light.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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