The Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life is not something different, strange, hidden or fanatical. It is the practice of freedom of consciousness and reason, and to give an example, a deep reflection follows :
Man is capable of making mistakes, maybe many. But also capable of amending them. Of repenting, asking for forgiveness and looking for Truth.
His life is not by chance, but a reflection, a clear definition between good and evil. The knowledge of Truth liberates us from uncertainty and frustration.
It fully places us in a real present, making a path and solid example of our steps. The spiritual man knows that he is in the world and also part of the world. And makes a commitment to care and preserve the natural order. He realizes that the universe is not only a group of planetary systems, but that there is meaning between heaven and earth. There is order, balance and he wants to see them in his own heart. Harmony is not only the melody of music but also the expression of life, of The Spiritual Life.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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