True Friendship

People were searching for the most positive and collaborating person, in the town of this story; they wanted to find the model of good friend, meaning, not only who gives support in happiness and sadness but who promotes and wants the best. And with this purpose in mind, they placed big signs, and distributed pamphlets, saying: ” Reward, we are searching for the True Friend “
The day of the event was set and -as expected, many persons came along with rivers of people bringing music bands, food, abundant gifts. Others, also came, making all kind of promises, some, even a little drunk, while others were talking about their own experiences. There was a great diversity, that seemed like a fair of give away and gifts. Three days passed and finally the turn came for a man, who was empty handed and  wearing simple clothes,
– Where did you leave the gifts, the wine and other enjoyments? How do you dare to show yourself in  front of us without anything to offer?  he was asked, while they look at him contemptuously, as if he was fool or mad and he was requested to make the promise of bringing something and to offer his excuses.
-I knew about this competition but I did not mean to be part of it, since I only want to share part of this happiness, which would be enough for me, just to be able to see  the joy in you, would fill me in a moment, and would make my day. But I understand that you were expecting other things that I can’t give now, since I am a humble man of the fields, who watches you pass every day, and who is able to see your lives, somewhat, while wishing you all the best. My work is hard and my hands bleed at times, while working in the fields, but I can only think of offering the best to you. I did not bring anything. Your happiness makes me happy but I am leaving now, I do not want to bother you.
These words, somewhat, went into the hearts of all the persons who were there, who clearly understood, that they did not know the true meaning of Friendship. While that humble man did, since the true and real Friendship can’t be bought or sold, can’t be exalted, prostituted or spoiled. Friendship is like the flower of the fields: natural, spontaneous, sincere, true and humble.
And that day in that town, the true meaning of Friendship was discovered. 
-Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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