The Art of Flowing

Spirituality has as foundation, the personal relationship, between man and God and between God and man. It is important to understand, that spirituality does not exclude the relationship of man and nature but is also important to understand, that man does not adore the creation but he adores the Creator.

Therefore, he honors the creation and he also honors the creatures, as well as life in all its expressions and he learns the art of living from all of those expressions of life.

Man is not the center of the universe but the center of the universe is everywhere. Therefore, the center of the universe is also in man. And man is also in the center of the universe. This is called, to flow. The universe flows, science flows everywhere and in all parts that conform life.
Life flows into each being; and into each being exists the universal being.

The universal being is the active principle, by which, the all is alive. And this primordial breath, who comes from the great mystery of the Creator and who is the essential foundation, that takes form and is the consciousness of each individual, has contained in itself, the great essential breath, in which is found the secret of being born and dying. And where is found the secret of the consciousness of being.

The sea flows, the wind flows, the light flows at daybreak. Each one has its time. Each one has its rhythm. Each one has its movement; and its movement seems to dance, to change, to transform like the seasons, like the hours, as day and night, like the aging of man, like the changes that a seed experiences, in order to germinate, grow, bloom and become a tree.

There are mysteries that happen in the flowing. To flow is not only to continue in a straight line. It is to expand, to contract, it is to go up and come down. It is to walk and to fly. It is to speak and to be silent. It is to laugh and to cry.

To flow is then, the spontaneous foundation that makes the mind free, even of itself and makes mind, consciousness, vitality and energy, an inexhaustible source of immense, intense and true life.

The essential secret of the immortal spirituality is in the Art of Flowing.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
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  1. Naji Jaouhari
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 03:10:53

    Great Great Great


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