Riddle me This. Get a Prize

Riddle Me This

A mystery to be solved is brought to you today, tell me what it could be that even though without wanting to, it always produces admiration and surprise but neither because of the presence, of the dressing, hairdo, nose nor mustache. It is because of something else.
Everybody can understand it, no matter whether rich or poor, old people or children.
Everybody can comprehend it but but not to the point of the philosophical understanding since it is too complex.
Are you? Am I? Is he? Is that one? Is she or the one with her? 
Maybe they all are, maybe nobody.
There are faces crying, there are faces laughing, when they see it. But nobody knows  who it is.
When night arrives it will hid and its lights will turn into shadows.
When the sunrise arrives everything will contain it into what will never ever will be.
Tell me what it is.
The person who solves this riddle will receive as prize a writing of his/her topic selection, specially done by mystic author, Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.
Please, send your answer below
or  email to yourhealingart@aol.com
Thank You ! Good Luck !

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