About Happiness

Author. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will present One Hundred  Writings on this topic,
 for  a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing 2
While in a deep reflection about something considered as primordial matter, based on Happiness, I decided to learn more through the Mystic Art of Meditation.
The Eyes of the Spirit were open and I found Happiness in her splendor and glory.
I approached her and learned of her processes, norms and laws -given and said in such a way so the mind can understand.
Happiness is very demanding, nothing can be in front, neither to the sides, above, nor below.
The reason is because there is no space for nothing else, since she can’t be reached while in doubt, fear, anger, sadness, or ignorance.
Happiness asks for what she gives, since she will fill everything, leaving no spaces nor distances.
That’s the reason of nothing above nor below, but this is not only as a fact of a great infinite expansion of being and living but also that there is no longer space different or special.
 It is like the water that fills all spaces.
In that case, the form would be eternity. The life and the foundation of all foundations is Love.
Then, while in deep meditation, I wondered if Happiness was God, but realized, it was not but also realized that Happiness is His natural result.
Then, I knew and understood that God establishes Happiness as the result of knowing Him.
There will be no suffering, ignorance,wisdom, differences nor distances.
There will be no unknown nor known spaces. 
It is no loss, no gain, but the stability of a balance where there is nothing to be balanced.
It is having solved the equation of the reason of living.
It is to live without questions, answers.
It is to transcend everything but without ceasing to be, rather is to be without limits.
This Meditation is also a model of what my intuitive mind in the Art of Meditative Silence, let me know about Happiness. 
Even though there is still difference and distance, the dissolution of such would be reached in the dissolution of every distance and difference, such as is found in the plenitude of a drop of water diluted in the Ocean of Divine Love, Who,  in fact is the Happiness.

About Happiness

The Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing I
Happiness, elusive, as the reflection of light on the water surface.
You live as a waving mystery. At times, you seem to come closer, but then, you leave so fast, before even noticing your presence.

-Tell me about you. I asked Happiness
-If you come too close, you will hurt my own nature, I can’t give my essence but if you leave, then, you could lose me forever.
-What to do not to hurt you but to know you. I asked again.
-My nature is in truth your own nature, you will get to know me if you practice in depth and with total sincerity, the Freedom in every sense and this does not mean that you can’t touch me, come to feel me, and enjoy each other but you must always remember that I am not an object of possession.
Serenity is the path that brings us closer.
Many think that I’m only an emotion and that I can be tied to the goal achieved but this is only a shadow of my presence because what I’m is the glory of life.
You could better get to know me if you knew that I live of the plenitude of Love, who will never be selfish or even material because all this will pass.
Since I’m not an illusion, why don’t you think of me as a passing wind, rather like a constant one.
But if you even think that I’m the absence of sadness or conflicts, that is not real.
Happiness is also the knowledge not based in something that you can buy neither is known by other means but by the living experience.
I also would like to say with total clarity that there is no space for pride, vanity, self sufficiency.
Happiness is also Plenitude sustained in values. I have the capacity of conciliation. I also have strength, fragility. I deserve attention.
I even say something more: To be Happy is something natural, true and deeply material and also Spiritual.

There is much more, that I will keep saying in these dialogues.
And in this way, I started getting to know about Happiness and I knew that I had to listen in silence, to know more and discover, understand and live the Happiness.

The Essential Secret

The Art of Flowing

Let’s start with some definitions:

Spirituality has as foundation, the personal relationship, between man and God and between God and man. It is important to understand, that spirituality does not exclude the relationship of man and nature but is also important to understand, that man does not adore the creation but he adores the Creator.
Therefore, he honors the creation and he also honors the creatures, as well as life in all its expressions and he learns the art of living from all of those expressions of life.

Man and the Universe:
Man is not the center of the universe but the center of the universe is everywhere. Therefore, the center of the universe is also in man. And man is also in the center of the universe. This is called, to flow. The universe flows, science flows everywhere and in all parts that conform life.
Life flows into each being; and into each being exists the universal being.

Who is the Universal Being?
The universal being is the active principle, by which, the All is alive. And this primordial breath, who comes from the great mystery of the Creator and who is the essential foundation, that takes form and is the consciousness of each individual, has contained in itself, the great essential breath, in which is found the secret of being born and dying. And where is found the secret of the consciousness of being.

About Flowing:
The sea flows, the wind flows, the light flows at daybreak. Each one has its time. Each one has its rhythm. Each one has its movement; and its movement seems to dance, to change, to transform like the seasons, like the hours, as day and night, like the aging of man, like the changes that a seed experiences, in order to germinate, grow, bloom and become a tree.
There are mysteries that happen in the flowing. To flow is not only to continue in a straight line. It is to expand, to contract, it is to go up and come down. It is to walk and to fly. It is to speak and to be silent. It is to laugh and to cry.
To flow is then, the spontaneous foundation that makes the mind free, even of itself and makes mind, consciousness, vitality and energy, an inexhaustible source of immense, intense and true life.

The Essential Secret:
The essential secret of the immortal spirituality is in the Art of Flowing.

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
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About this Energetic Art:
This Art is more than a series of beautiful images, it also is a tuner of energy for specific uses, to fulfill goals, to overcome obstacles and to be able to reach what seemed so far, so distant, so unreachable.


The Eternal Force of the Warrior

The warrior was tired after the battle.
He had fought against a large army. It had been a battle where he didn’t sleep, eat or drink during four days.
 He was really exhausted. Then, he sat on the ground and thought:
There is an inner battle that is stronger than the one that I just went through, because I have found that my nature is weak if I don’t rest.
 It does not matter whether I was a big castle, I would soon turn into dust and a small wind would knock me down.
The battle did not last for many days but if it had lasted one more instant, it would seem like eternity.
I realize that I will never be a strong warrior until I conquer my weakness. I need an inexhaustible source of energy but where is it?
What is there that makes me capable of crossing rivers, sea, of facing difficulties and even armies, while maintaining my serenity and strength.
What can this be? If even the stronger sword breaks, I have not known any thing immortal, everything that exists is like a pot of clay, it lasts if taken care of, but it breaks when neglected.
 Then, what can I do?
What is there that makes the arms strong, so strong that nobody can defeat me?
He, then, was silent, in a deep silence.
And from that depth, arose a voice:
 ” The warrior of noble intention, is the one who acts without conditions. The one who has a firm commitment, the one who in truth does not fight. The one whose strength is above and beyond the combat.
His eternal force is Love.”

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Healing Art

Oscar Basurto Carbonell

-His Spiritual Writings and Art have inspired people all around the world

Mr Basurto is a talented author and Spiritual Healer. He is also an accomplished artist with a great knowledge on the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, on the Ancient Symbols and on Healing Energy.
The artist calls it: “Healing Energy”

Mystic Healing Art captures the tenderness and texture of the cosmic energy which is the essential energy of life, better known in the East with the names of Chi, Qi, and Ki.

The focus of his paintings remains based on “Spiritual Healing”

It incorporates the necessary elements that act as intermediary in the order between man and the universe, because this Art grasps, interprets and gives expression to the essential rhythm of the vital synergy of color and elements that represent them, who work as a source of prosperity and constant benefit.

The goal of each art work is to outline the ideal bridge between the infinite universal cosmos, man, and his reality.

The structure of his art is such that the color, which is the main element with the movement, change in depth following the day light or the intensity / brightness of the lighting. The light can change the perception of its character which changes along the day.

The artist was born in Lima, Peru and besides being an outstanding artist, he is also an international lecturer, poet and author of innumerable literary works.

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The True Meaning of Christmas. Inspirational

Christmas is Love’s birthday.

Christmas reminds us that Love based on Solidarity is not a dream but a reality.

I would like to receive three gifts in Christmas:
First: Learning how to forgive.
Second: To be able to recognize my mistakes and to correct them.
Third: To Love You every day.

Christmas is the spirit of Peace and is the Love that will guide us to the next Christmas and thus to Eternity.

Christmas commemorates life. It is the moment where the ones who are here and the ones who are gone, meet again. Love arises and this is what is beautiful about Christmas.

Christmas belongs to Jesus, Who is alive in the whole humanity through the inner child.

Christmas is the bright star that announces the kingdom of Love. Have you discovered that light in your heart yet?

How beautiful is Christmas and what is most beautiful is that you are beside me.
There may be differences between rich and poor but when Christmas comes, these differences disappear because Christmas is more than a gift. It is the sincere love that is given and shared. This has no price, no limit and no condition. Christmas is the sincere expression of Love in the heart.

Christmas teaches us that the earth is big and small because it makes everybody unite under the same principle.

Christmas is Mary. Christmas is Joseph. Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is the presence of God in the home.

Christmas is sweet. Christmas is tender. Accept it in your heart and you will understand that Christmas is eternal.

Christmas is tolerance. Christmas is understanding. Christmas is happiness because Love is the path of forgiveness.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Mystic Healing Art
Request Your Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing. Request Yours

The spiritual eternity is like the light that enlightens and gives warmth to a valley which becomes fertile because there is attention and care, interest and responsibility.

But above all things, there is the sweet divine energy of incessantly Love.

The spiritual healing is sustained in the equilibrium of a perfect love, which is born from the mystery of the creation, flows, nurturing everything that exists with the purpose of giving its own substance of eternity. The spiritual substance of eternity is the art of healing.


Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Mystic Healing Art

Spiritual Healing is an act of Love.
An expert in the treatment of difficult diseases, Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will heal you with energy treatments and a deep spirit of compassion.

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